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Daniel Brocklehurst BA, MA, MSt, MSc, PGCE
Head of English

Daniel is an Oxford graduate, passionate about educating students to access the best universities worldwide. He is a published writer in the field of education, and utilises a range of pedagogical approaches to teach, inspire and advance students on their pathway to academic success. He has 12 years of teaching experience: at a secondary school in Oxfordshire, UK; at His Majesty King Wangchuck's Royal Academy in Bhutan; at the University of Sydney; and one-on-one with over 80 students in Oxford and Australia. He has also been an examiner for A-Levels and a university marker.

  • BA English (First Class Honours)

  • MA Victorian Literature

  • MSt English (1700-1830) (University of Oxford)

  • MSc Learning and Teaching (University of Oxford)

  • Postgraduate Certificate of Education (University of Oxford)

HSC Texts

​While able to help students with whichever texts their school has selected, Daniel has extensive experience teaching the following texts:

  • George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Favel Parrett, Past the Shallows

  • Kenneth Slessor, Selected Poems

  • Arthur Miller, The Crucible

  • William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

  • William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1

  • William Shakespeare, The Tempest, and Margaret Atwood, Hag-Seed

  • Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot

  • William Shakespeare, Richard III, and Al Pacino, Looking for Richard

  • Margaret Edson, W;t, and John Donne, Selected Poems

  • John Keats, Selected Poems, and Jane Campion, Bright Star

  • T. S. Eliot, Selected Poems

  • David Malouf, Earth Hour

Daniel has taught students from a range of high-performing schools: James Ruse Agricultural School, Abbotsleigh, Pymble Ladies’ College, Sydney Boys High School, Loreto Kirribilli, St. Patrick’s College, The Scots College, Kambala, Ravenswood, Ascham School, North Sydney Boys High School, Sydney Grammar School, St. Aloysius’ College, Knox Grammar School, The King’s School, Normanhurst Boys High School, Chatswood High School, St. Hilda’s School (Queensland), Methodist Ladies’ College (Melbourne), Harrow International School (Beijing), and His Majesty King Wangchuck's Royal Academy (Bhutan).

He has also helped students attain scholarships to prestigious schools including Sydney Grammar School (full scholarship) and Methodist Ladies’ College (part scholarship).

His students have achieved excellent results, including ATARs of 99.55 and 99.25 in 2022.


“English was never my strength, but with Daniel's help, I was able to reach band 6 for English, and a 99.55 atar. He is always ready to help prepare, edit, and even draft sample essays, which gave me the support I needed. With such personalised classes, I felt like I was able to focus and improve on my own weaknesses. With Daniel, I was also able to reach literature I would have otherwise never even attempted to consume, which was of great help for my English journey.”
Lucinda Zheng – James Ruse Agricultural School, 2022 (ATAR: 99.55)

“Prior to meeting Daniel, my English remained consistently at 12-13 out of 20, every assessment without fail. However, with Daniel, I was able to finally reach into the band 6s for assignments. Originally, I was sure I would get below an 80 for my HSC. However, with Daniel's help, I almost reached above 90 in the end, a feat I'd never previously have imagined. His help and expertise in English greatly boosted both my confidence and my writing prowess, helping me reach the 99+ ATAR mark in the end.”
Joseph Zuo – James Ruse Agricultural School, 2022 (ATAR: 99.25)

“Having been under Daniel's guidance for four years, I can adamantly say that my knowledge of English Literature has improved; and this has been evident in my academic results. Most notably, in my final exams for Year 12 I achieved a 24/25 for English, and 25/25 for Literature, contributing to my final ATAR of 94. I could not recommend Daniel enough! His patience and comprehensive knowledge of English is outstanding and second to none. I am incredibly grateful for Daniel's help and appreciate all his hard work in assisting me to become a better student.”
Isabella Lee – St. Hilda’s School, Queensland, 2022 (ATAR: 94.00)

“I began tutoring with Daniel in my 3rd year of high school (Year 9) all the way to the end of my HSC exams completion in Year 12. Throughout this time, I transformed from a student who was unenthusiastic for learning and struggling with English to now performing at a Band 6 level in the HSC exam and topping assessments. This improvement is largely due to the tutoring support and guidance I have received from him.
Daniel encourages self-learning and creativity instead of forcing a student to think or write a certain way, ensuring that they become confident in their own writing and analysis. He understands quickly the strengths and weaknesses of his students and focuses on them for exams. Daniel makes this preparation enjoyable whilst also ensuring that you achieve and learn at a high level. Seeing this enjoyment and support of my learning was inspiring and provided me the platform to excel at English.
To all that are looking for an English tutor for the HSC, Daniel Brocklehurst Tuition is the way to go!”
Shivraj Dave – Sydney Boys High School, 2022 (English Advanced: 86 internal mark; 93 HSC Exam mark)

“Daniel was my tutor for English from year 9 until I graduated in year 12. I started tutoring with Daniel because I was one of the worst performing students in my grade for English. By the time I graduated, I had a 90.4 atar, came second place in year 11 English standard, and first place in year 12 English standard. Daniel always puts in the extra effort for his students and I was very lucky to have him by my side.”
James Kalis – St. Patrick’s College, Strathfield, 2021 (ATAR: 90.40; 1st Place Medal in English Standard)

"For the past two years, I have had the privilege of learning under Daniel – one of the most outstanding English tutors I have studied with. Throughout my journey, Daniel has helped transform my academic potential into a reality; I have witnessed a substantial improvement in not only my grades but also my confidence in writing. One of the most distinctive aspects of Daniel lies in his genuine passion for the English language; he possesses an encyclopaedic understanding of the English language and its nuances are exemplified through his detailed literary analysis, essay writing, and teaching methods. Daniel also has an innate ability to simplify complex concepts with unwavering patience and understanding. Thanks to him, I have witnessed unmistakable growth in my literary skills and writing eloquence. I highly respect Daniel, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as an English tutor."

Annie Luo – Pymble Ladies' College

"Daniel is an amazing English teacher that have taught me since year 3-4. He helped me in many areas of English especially in writing and reading comprehension. Daniel also helped me with all my school assignments and gave me a wider range of vocabulary. Overall, I really recommend joining or signing up for his lessons as it would help you a lot."

Camellia Zhou – Pymble Ladies' College

"I can’t express my thanks for all the help Daniel has given me over the past 4 years as my tutor. He is such a passionate and dedicated teacher with so many insights and such a large wealth of knowledge to share! With Daniel’s guidance, I was not only able to consistently achieve top grades in English and be offered a private school scholarship, but I was also greatly supported in developing my critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. Moreover, Daniel has broadened my abilities all aspects of English: vocabulary, grammar, writing and so much more. I can confidently say that Daniel is a spectacular teacher and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an English tutor."

Miranda Gu – Methodist Ladies’ College (Melbourne)

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